Our Mission


Our mission for the Old 23rd Restaurant at Christopher Manor is to  provide an enriching unique dining and fellowship experience; such that  guests find that being at the Old 23rd provides nourishment for the body  and strength for the soul.  Demonstrating ancestral appreciation and  honor for our heritage through the display and utilization of items of  yesteryears, we are committed to preserving our present resources by  reducing, reusing, recycling and utilizing bio-degradable products as  possible.

We value community and neighboring enterprise thus we  patronize local food and supply vendors.  We appreciate producers that  specialize in organic produce and free range meat.  We value the quality  of life of animals we consume.  Our menu specials will be enhanced with  in-season fruits and vegetables. 

Bringing new life to bygone  items is our passion and delight.  We affirm the positive in our world  and encourage blending our history, culture and evolving values.  People  that have passed once touched and worked with the items in use and on  display thus providing a deep sense of connection, authenticity, and  respect for those that lived in the Old 23rd.

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